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Re: [IP] Keytones

Christine:...I was diagnosed as a type II six years ago.. never heard of
keytones and was never asked to check for keytones, as my diabetic nurse
said I needn't worry about them as I was a Type II.. WELL! after going
on the pump I experience some highs when I changed my sets.. once I was
up in the high 20's for a long period of time.. so she check for ketones
(out of curiousity) and there they were.. I was over 8 on the scale..
  My nurse/educator said, "Wow!. I guess your a type I.. and I said I
guess I'm a late bloomer..because I got diagnosed in my late 40's..I
guess I didn't fit in there square hole..
So, it wouldn't hurt to check for ketones when your sugars are high..
Yours in pumping,

Stuart Pelcyger wrote:

>  Christine
> I have been diabetic for 15 years and also have never had high
> ketones.
> I am averageing 130 down from 230 after 3 months pumping.
> Stu
>> Is there anyone here on this list, that has never had Keytones.  I
>> have had
>> diabetes for 13 years, and have never had them.   And I really have
>> the
>> weight to prove it.
>> Been getting better numbers with my pump, working on my 2nd month
>> here.  My
>> numbers are improving,  I haven't been over 200 in 5 days and
>> counting.
>> This is GREAT for me!!
>> Christene Ullom

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