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Re: [IP] pre-pump protocol

In a message dated 98-11-20 20:06:21 EST, you write:

<< My endo won't put me on the pump until I see his diabetes educator pump
 specialist AND a psychiatrist he uses for prospective pump users.  He claims
 this protocol of his has great results because 95% of his patients that
 ultimately go on the pump, stay on the pump.  Has anyone heard of this?  I
 think he's overdoing it a bit.   He also wants me to go into the hospital
 for two days when I first go on the pump but says this is "negotiable."  Do
 most people spend the first 2 days on the pump in the hospital? >>
Our endo does not send anyone to a psychiatrist, and with over 80+ patients on
a pump, only 2 have decided it wasn't worth the trouble.  We don't admit
anyone to the hospital to start a pump... we do it all on an outpatient basis.
There is a lot of pre-work up front before getting on the pump. The time it
takes from first visit to pump initiation day all depends on everyone's

Barbara B. 
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