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Re: [IP] NY pumpers

>Yay - more New Yorkers!!!!  I live in Manhattan...who do you see for 
endo?  I
>see Drexler and for eyes I see Fisher - and like them both.

I see Klass (he has it too! :o) in Rockville Centre, and for eyes I see 
Flugman (also in RVC).  He's good, but his office is always packed. 

>are you still logging what you eat and how much insulin you take - i 
got lazy
>after the first year and just rounded UP...instead of 3.2 units I would 
>3.5 - so i was overinsulinating and having more lows to chase...and 
>weight...USUALLY when I start logging carefully and write down what i 
eat and
>figure the proper bolus, I lose weight...but as they say YMMV

I've been so lazy lately - I don't even bother with decimals.  I guess 
that's why I'm on this list - so I can get motivated and be reminded 
that evil, nasty things will occur if I don't shape up!

                 FFFF                     d 
                F   F    Rrrr  ee     dddd
                  FFFF  r  r  e  e   d  d    d 
                  F    r  r    ee   d  d    d
                 F    r   rreee eeeddddddddd

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