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Re: [IP] RE: New Pump ?

email @ redacted wrote:
> I just received my new pump today.  I will start using it on 12/1/98.  Minimed
> did not send me any skin preps with my startup supplies.  Does anybody use
> these or is plain old alcohol ok. I thought alcohol could cause the adhesive
> not to stick as well.

I don't use any skin prep, provided I've had a daily shower. There's really no
to use alcohol, it can cause infection by drying out the skin and cracking it,
which it can only sterilize something by soaking in it for 20 minutes or more...

I gave up alcohol at least 10 years ago, some 5 years before I got my pump, and
had NO infections as a result.
> I am also planning on using the silhouette infusion sets.  How is it held in
> place to keep the Quick release part of it from pulling out. 

The 2 wings on the sides of the hose tip have hooks (or latches) on the ends 
that hold the 2 parts together. To disconnect you squeeze them in and pull the 
connector away from the other half. Works very well, but I have had it
unexpectedly when I happened to tap it just so while the hose was being pulled
slightly. Not bad for 1 occurence in 4 years on this kind of set.

 The adhesive
> keeps the cannula from pulling out of your body, but how do you keep the 43
> inches of tubing from being pulled on and from coming loose.

The hooks hold it well, though it is possible to pull the whole thing out
with the hose if you catch it hard around something when in motion.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, MiniMed 506 for 4, Comfort (Silhouette clone) for 4 years.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/