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[IP] Re: carb counting-pasta

Hey Linda-
    Pasta is about the easiest and most consistent carbo I have found, too. Like you, one cup is always 30g for me. Of course, whatever sauce can have a surprising amount of CHO, but I have to calculate that, too.
    Now, if we are talking Italian, let's talk pizza. I don't even bother with this anymore and the pump. I either take too much Humalog, too little, too soon, or too late. I can't figure on an extended bolus (known by many as the "pizza bolus," I hear) that will work. I know I would have to fine-tune by trial and error, but I just don't want to bother anymore with the rollercoaster. I can avoid pizza, or limit myself to one piece.
    I have read the carbo counting books on pizza, and they always seem to underestimate. It's just too complicated. I found it much easier with injections of regular insulin, with a different carbo ratio and the longer-acting rate, so maybe I should go back to that while staying on the pump to cover the basal rate. Does anyone make these "special" exceptions for things like pizza?