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Re: [IP] Pump and overeating?

Sara,   I was in the same place as you about 4 years ago.  Now, my weight is
perfect so don't get too discouraged.  This is how it worked for me.  On 2
shots a day, I stayed at about 15 pounds overweight.  I wasn't fat, but I
wasn't thin either.  When I went on MDI, I got alot more energy and started
exercising more and lost some weight.  Then, I went on the pump and became
super-energized.  Now I exercise alot and I don't eat much either(1000-1200
cal./day).  Anyway, I did this for 6 months before I lost one pound.  I was
really quite surprised that I didn't lose weight after three months, but I
didn't.  After 6 months, the weight just fell off very rapidly and now I am
gaining from building muscle.  I weigh 123 so my weight is good.  I know it is
frustrating not to lose early, but the weight WILL come off--eventually.  Be
patient.  All your hard work will pay off.  Exercise is great.  I am a real
addict.  I just don't feel as good if I don't exercise at least an hour/day.
Keep on pumping!  ellen
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