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Re: [IP] Pump and overeating?

Have you had your thyroid checked lately?  You sound like my wife.  Normal
TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is 4-5.  She had it checked and it was
400!!  We insulin challenged are at risk for hypothyroidism.  Your e-mail
describes one major symptom.

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Date: Friday, November 20, 1998 6:33 PM
Subject: [IP] Pump and overeating?

>Hedone16 wrote:
>> Oh...how wrong you really are!!
>that isnt a very nice thing to say...everyone is different and just cuz it
>dont work for you doesnt mean it wont for someone else. 8-)
>> the first thing I had to accept was that exercise was just as
>> important as diet.  There is no magic formula to losing weight.
>actually there is - i just havent figured out my own personal magic formula
>yet.  ..and as anyone who lifts weights can tell you, you DON'T lose
weight -
>in fact if anything, you gain...muscle weighs lots more than fat and you
>turn your fat into muscle...you have to lose the fat, and add the
>college, I was a big old fattie...but I was a solid fattie...I lifted
>and could bench press my weight...but would I be seen in a bikini? - no
>the magic formula is actually ketoacidosis, if it doesnt kill you first,
>> Anyone can do it.
>Saying this irritates me.  I have been working out religiously since
>and prior to that I was walking an hour monday - friday, and on weekends,
>several hours, so I was by NO MEANS sedentary...Sure I indulge in my
>Ben and Jerrys and an occassional Oreo or 6, but all in all, I stay on my
>carb, low fat diet - I eat generally less than 1400 calories a day.  I have
>not lost ONE freaking pound!  I have logged every morsel I have put in my
>mouth, I have logged my basals and boluses and tested ON AVERAGE 9 times a
>day, and the last 5 days closer to 11.  My clothes are not fitting any
>so I am perplexed.
>so I am living proof that not just "anyone can do it."
>> I'm just tired of going to Weight Watcher's meetings and
>> having to listen to people complain that they can't lose weight.
>well good thing I am not there, cuz I AM COMPLAINING...what else do I have
>do?  i can't lose weight!!!  I have talked to the dietician, the endo, the
>CDE, my brother the chiropractor, all the fitness "experts" at the gym and
>anyone else who might have some intelligent contributions.  I eat less than
>expend, I eat low fat, I drink water, I try not to go to low causing my
>to dump glycagen, i drink juice or gatorade mid workout to keep from
>crashing...I have lowered my basal rates, I am taking the right boluses for
>what I eat, AND I work out 5-6 times a week - rowing, Precor, dance/aerobic
>class, weights, PLUS still walking the mile a day and more on weekends!!!
>CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT.  I just want to fit in that dress I am wearing in my
>at the web site!!!
>waaaahhhhhhhhh  whine whine whine!!!  bitch bitch moan moan
>When i first went on the pump and started logging everything, I lost 12
>in 3 months - the embarrassment of writing down that I ate an entire bag of
>fritos was enough to keep me from eating them...that is why I lost weight -
>not cuz of exercise which I did not do hardly at all - simply, I was more
>aware of what I was putting my body..  I then started gaining weight
>A) I stopped logging and it was easier to sneak those Fritos in...and B) I
>stopped being PRECISE with my boluses...rather thand get the calculator out
>figure out the right number - I would round up - instead of 3.2, I would
>3.5 and then have to eat to keep me from crashing...etc...
>it is not the pump that makes you fat - it is you that makes you fat -
>your eating habits, your exercise program or more importantly....YOUR
>can't fight Mendel on this last one - you get what you were dealt, and my
>dad''s family, who also were kind enough to bestow me with diabetes, also
>to run on the barrel chested, scrawny leg side - kinda like marshmallows
>sticks stuck in the bottom...mmmmmm marshmallows....
>ok - i am off to the gym...
>*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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