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Re: [IP] Weight Gain on Pumping

Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> Let me throw out a question.  From some of what I am reading I sense and "Atkins Diet" theme. 

Or Bernstein.

 My question / concern
> is that I thought it was fairly "bad" as a diabetic to eat a lot of protein, because of possible Kidney disease?  I
> would love some thoughts and or clarifications.

As I've heard it, the cause and effect relationship seems to have been confused
doctors over the years, at least before there is noticeable kidney damage.

Damaged kidneys leak protein because the filtering mechaniasms have been
for too long. If you put too much junk through a filter, it wears out, in
But the kidneys leak protein because the bg has been too high for too long,
overloads the kidneys. To avoid overloading the kidneys in the first place a low 
carb diet, therefore a high protein diet, PREVENTS the damage.

Once there is damage it's still best to cut down on proteins, according to all

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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