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[IP] Sugar in Urine

someone wrote:
> I can't believe that your endo told you to stop testing your urine.  
> I think I'd have to find a new endo!

I would be willign to bet the endo meant stop testing the SUGAR in the urine,
since it has been proven that it is GROSSLY inaccurate...some people dont
spill until they are in the 400s, and some spill at 100...

It is always good to check for ketones - especially when you are sick,
pregnant or on a diet or working out a lot...you want to make sure your body
isnt breaking down muscle and proteins to provide energy...You can have 125
blood sugar and HUGE ketones if you are starving yourself

and to h=who ever asked about this - you can get plain old KETOSTIX without
the sugar part on them...or you can just ignore it, which is what I do

who has no ketones in her pee today - yah hoooo!!!
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