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[IP] Pump and overeating?

Hedone16 wrote:

> Oh...how wrong you really are!!  

that isnt a very nice thing to say...everyone is different and just cuz it
dont work for you doesnt mean it wont for someone else. 8-)

> the first thing I had to accept was that exercise was just as 
> important as diet.  There is no magic formula to losing weight.  

actually there is - i just havent figured out my own personal magic formula
yet.  ..and as anyone who lifts weights can tell you, you DON'T lose weight -
in fact if anything, you gain...muscle weighs lots more than fat and you don't
turn your fat into muscle...you have to lose the fat, and add the muscle...In
college, I was a big old fattie...but I was a solid fattie...I lifted weights
and could bench press my weight...but would I be seen in a bikini? - no way!!!

the magic formula is actually ketoacidosis, if it doesnt kill you first, that

> Anyone can do it.  

Saying this irritates me.  I have been working out religiously since Sept.1,
and prior to that I was walking an hour monday - friday, and on weekends,
several hours, so I was by NO MEANS sedentary...Sure I indulge in my monthly
Ben and Jerrys and an occassional Oreo or 6, but all in all, I stay on my high
carb, low fat diet - I eat generally less than 1400 calories a day.  I have
not lost ONE freaking pound!  I have logged every morsel I have put in my
mouth, I have logged my basals and boluses and tested ON AVERAGE 9 times a
day, and the last 5 days closer to 11.  My clothes are not fitting any better,
so I am perplexed.  
so I am living proof that not just "anyone can do it."

> I'm just tired of going to Weight Watcher's meetings and 
> having to listen to people complain that they can't lose weight.  

well good thing I am not there, cuz I AM COMPLAINING...what else do I have to
do?  i can't lose weight!!!  I have talked to the dietician, the endo, the
CDE, my brother the chiropractor, all the fitness "experts" at the gym and
anyone else who might have some intelligent contributions.  I eat less than I
expend, I eat low fat, I drink water, I try not to go to low causing my liver
to dump glycagen, i drink juice or gatorade mid workout to keep from
crashing...I have lowered my basal rates, I am taking the right boluses for
what I eat, AND I work out 5-6 times a week - rowing, Precor, dance/aerobic
class, weights, PLUS still walking the mile a day and more on weekends!!!  I
CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT.  I just want to fit in that dress I am wearing in my photo
at the web site!!!

waaaahhhhhhhhh  whine whine whine!!!  bitch bitch moan moan

When i first went on the pump and started logging everything, I lost 12 pounds
in 3 months - the embarrassment of writing down that I ate an entire bag of
fritos was enough to keep me from eating them...that is why I lost weight -
not cuz of exercise which I did not do hardly at all - simply, I was more
aware of what I was putting my body..  I then started gaining weight because
A) I stopped logging and it was easier to sneak those Fritos in...and B) I
stopped being PRECISE with my boluses...rather thand get the calculator out to
figure out the right number - I would round up - instead of 3.2, I would take
3.5 and then have to eat to keep me from crashing...etc...

it is not the pump that makes you fat - it is you that makes you fat - either
your eating habits, your exercise program or more importantly....YOUR genes.
can't fight Mendel on this last one - you get what you were dealt, and my
dad''s family, who also were kind enough to bestow me with diabetes, also tend
to run on the barrel chested, scrawny leg side - kinda like marshmallows with
sticks stuck in the bottom...mmmmmm marshmallows....

ok - i am off to the gym...

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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