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[IP] texans...

Nothing personal of course, since I moved to NYC FROM Texas last year and some
of my best friends and favorite family members live there, but what IS it in
the water down there in the bayou that makes so many pancreaticly challenged
individuals...Judy C's daughter, Buddy, Katie, spence,  barb guillory, who
else...and now gordon!!!  I was born in baton rouge and lived down there until
I escaped at age 7...only to return at age 32...but by then I already had
diabetes...sigh.  maybe we should just annex Texas and Looosiana back to
Mexico and France...think of the health burden that would be relieved of this
country...of course then, we would probably have to make 3% loans to Mexico
and France to keep them solvent...sigh what a vicious circle.

jest kidding'

welcome gordon - good job on the a1c!!  I admire anyone that can have the
dedication and focus to get in a good work out during lunch...i do it after
work cuz I tend to go longer than an hour...

you wrote:

> hard spots at infusion sites, 

have you tried using your legs or your side?  My legs are very muscular so
absorption is RAPID!  I also get a hard knot under the skin that lasts several
weeks after removel.  I have just started using the hunk o flesh fondly
referred to as love handles, on my side - close to the back...have had
EXCELLENT response there!  the last site lasted 6 days with great absorption
and since this was virgin territory, there was no scar tissue to push through,
so very painless

> decreased insulin sensitivity after 2 days on same site

you must be using Humalog - either rtry a mix, as do several people on the
list, or switch back to velosulin...I have had NO problems with site
deterioration - usually they last 4-6 or more days depending on how much of a
sweaty, active pig I have been

this is a good group to ask questions - just dont take everything TOOOOO

Sara  *-)=B xoxx~~~[507]    current bs:  112  latest A1c: 7.2
dxed 4/74      pumping since 2/93 (currently MM507)
AND in case y'all are keeping track - my workouts are down to $14.58 each!!

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