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Re: [IP] 200+ BGs while on pump?

John: I am a new pumper using the minimed 507c. I have found that when I
changeout, new infusion set, I will always incurr higher BG's. In talking with
my diabetes educator who is a 7 year pumper she advised that she experiences
the same problem. Her soluition was to increase her prime amount to 1 full
unit versus .5. I tried that and showed lower readings, but not where I
wanted. My next step was to go to1.2 on changeout dates and have had
relatively low BG's in line where I want them to be.
Try it, only use caution when you are making those adjustmensts.
Hope this helps.
Mike Morrissette
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/