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[IP] Re:Cavities related to diet and lots of other things


I am posting this at IP so that everyone will realize that cavities do not
necessarily come from eating sweets. The bacteria that grow in the mouth eat
anything that is considered a fermentable carbohydrate. This is a long list of
foods and includes candy and cakes(all foods containing added sugar for
sweetness) chips, bread, FRUIT including raisins, milk, yogurt, cheetos,
crackers etc.

One of the things that determines the amount of tooth decay you will get is
heredity. Some people are more resistant to tooth decay. Another factor is
YOUR EXPOSURE TO FERMENTABLE CARBOS. How frequently you feed the bacteria in
you mouth matters MUCH more than the amount of ferm carbos in the day.
In other words-putting a cup of sugar in your coffee once a day is much better
that 1/2 teaspoon in a cup you drink every hour. the bacteria feed on that
ferm carbo while you are eating it and for 30-45 minutes after you finish. The
by-product of the bacteria in your mouth is an acid that de-mineralizes the
Deminerization is what gives you cavities. The third thing is how well and
consistently you remove the bacteria(plaque) from your teeth-this includes
brushing AND flossing. The fourth factor is -how much flouride did you ingest
while your teeth were forming in the bone. SOme areas of the country get more
flouride than other. Fifth factor is-were your grooves sealed up with resin
when they erupted to keep the bacteria out of areas you cannot reach on the
chewing surface of your tooth with the toothbrush.

Another by product of bacteria besides the acid are toxins that irritate the
gum tissue. WHen your body recognizes an over abundance of bacteria in an area
it sets up the immune response and send white blood cells there that will
eventually lead to destruction of the bone and left unchecked can lead to
tooth loss.

Cavities are basically a disease of childhood because your teeth become more
resisitant to tooth decay as you age. But as you age you become more
suseptible to periodontal disease(gum and bone).

Well-I'm sure that's way more than you wanted to know!!!  BYE FOR NOW!!!

Judy C.
Dental hygienist and mom of Megan

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