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[IP] Dextrose Powder

Several months back John Neale told us about using Dextrose Powder for lows.
I searched every grocery store in Tulsa looking for it with no luck.  Finally,
when my mom was on vacation in Canada she was able to bring back several cans
of it but I am almost out now.  

Does anyone in the US know anywhere we can get this?   Laura just mixes a
couple of teaspoons in a half glass of milk and she says it sweetens the milk
a bit and is quite yummy!  It also works faster than glucose tablets or sugar

Our boxes came unlabeled and unmarked so I a guess at 2 teaspoons for her.
John, if you are reading this do you know what 2 heaping teaspoons equal?  I
am assuming it is comparable to two teaspoons of sugar.  

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