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[IP] Cavities related to diet?

     OK group, we've shared our experiences with how our "structured diets" 
     in the past helped some of us stay thinner, but I'm wondering if the 
     "no sweets" rule that was drilled into my head as a child had any 
     effect on my teeth.
     I can't even count how many cavities I had in my baby teeth 
     (pre-diabetes), but I've only had one small one in my adult teeth (I'm 
     33 years old).  All my siblings (with fully functioning pancreas') 
     have many more cavities than I do.
     I'd like to hear about others' experiences with cavities and if you 
     think it has been related to your "diabetic diet".  Instead of 
     clogging up the board, feel free to mail me privately and I'll post a 
     summary in a week or so.  I'm at:     email @ redacted
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