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Re: [IP] Sugar in Urine

Melissa wrote:
> Be sure to let your diabetes team know you have ketones!  They need to be taken
> care of immediately!  and if they don't take them seriously, find another team!
> And remember... ketones are DIFFERENT than sugar in the urine!!!

There are many perfectly normal and safe situations where ketones occur
naturally, in both the diabetic and non-diabetic human body, and are
filtered out into the urine. It only becomes really dangerous when
ketones are present in large quantities combined with a very high blood
glucose level. This only occurs in diabetes. That's the situation when
the body can't cope, the blood gets very acidic, and you get Diabetic
Keto Acidosis or DKA for short. That's the dangerous moment.

Presumably that's why they've put ketones and glucose on the same urine
testing stick.

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