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Re: [IP] Weight Gain on Pumping

> I agree with your disagree :-)   I've found that for me since being on the
> pump there is a terrific correlation between the amount of insulin I take
> and my weight.  If I need need more insulin for a few days, my weight
> starts creeping up, and vice-versa.  For whatever reason this means that
> the weight gain is better correlated with the amount of CHO I eat rather
> than the amount of fat.   It seems that I can eat lots of fatty things, but
> unless I accompany that with CHO my weight is not affected.  And with a
> roughtly constant total insulin per day, my weight stays rock stable.  Of
> course YMMV but I wonder if anyone else has noticed this relation.

Me too Wayne. If I pump over 40 units a day, my weight starts to creep
up. And if I pump under low-30's a day, it starts to drop slowly. My
body weight has remained fairly constant after the initial adjustment
(down) when I started pumping a year ago.

Also, if my insulin requirement suddenly shoots up for no apparent
reason, it's a sure sign I'm about to go down with a cold or flu in the
next few days, so I can plan ahead and stock up!

In these two respects I can use my figures to learn more about what my
body's doing than the non-diabetic. I count these small blessings!

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