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Re: [IP] Pumping and transplants

  Just celebrated the first aniv. of my second kidney
>transplant.My endo and I had a very long conversation yesterday
>concerning going on the pump (we both are in favor of that).  However,
>he made a statement that concerns me.  In all his patients that are
>pumping, he has never had one on the pump who is also a transplant
>reciepiant.  I guess we don't usually go on the pump at this late stage
>in diabetes.  He is a great endo, and very supportive of my decision to
>try and start pumping.  Is there anyone out there who is in the same
>situation as I am?  Am looking forward to your responses.
>David Flagg
>email @ redacted


You should contact Barry Bruce <email @ redacted>.  He is an IP list
member who has had a kidney transplant and used an insulin pump while he
was waiting for a pancreas.  He had the pancreas transplant earlier this
year.  We haven't heard anything from him in quite awhile, though.  Barry,
if you are reading this, How are you????

Mary Jean
email @ redacted

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