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[IP] Pumping and transplants

Good Day, all. I'm new to this list, and have a question that I haven't
seen yet.  I am a Type I (brittle), dx'd in Jan, 1957 at the age of 5.
Have had most of the complications that diabetics have, but have
survived them all.  Just celebrated the first aniv. of my second kidney
transplant.My endo and I had a very long conversation yesterday
concerning going on the pump (we both are in favor of that).  However,
he made a statement that concerns me.  In all his patients that are
pumping, he has never had one on the pump who is also a transplant
reciepiant.  I guess we don't usually go on the pump at this late stage
in diabetes.  He is a great endo, and very supportive of my decision to
try and start pumping.  Is there anyone out there who is in the same
situation as I am?  Am looking forward to your responses.

David Flagg
email @ redacted

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