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[IP] Re: Sugar in Urine, Lipomas

My Endo never said not to test for ketones..he said stop testing for
glucose, but what I meant was that the ketone strips I have also have a
glucose strip on them. My last HBA1C was 7.7. That was the lowest it's ever
been in almost 9 years. I went on the Disetronic in May of this year. My
impression was that it must be a toll on the kidneys eventually after years
of working so hard filtering and filtering all that glucose. It has always
worried me a bit,  but my last 24 urine collection was o.k., it's always
been o.k.  I only have one 'good' kidney anyway, I was born with a
congenital defect in my right one. SCARY!

Also, here's another question that's way out there, but who knows! I have a
disorder called multiple lipomas, a lipoma is a benign tumor. (Cyst like,
usually just under the skin, lump.)  Many people have one or two and when
they have it checked out they are told not to worry about them. Well I have
at last count around 42! Some are larger than others, some are painful, but
mostly they are ugly. They are on my legs, thighs, back, buttocks, arms,
abdomen, upper arms, etc...I have had a few removed from my spinal area
because they can cause nerve compression. Other than that I was told to
leave them alone because I have so many to have them removed would result in
me being turned into one big scar. I have read and read about these, but I
cannot find really much of anything. Even on the net! I did read one tiny
little sentence somewhere that said they may be diabetes related. Does
anyone have any? Or any info on them? I know they will just grow and grow
and one I'll probably need them removed eventually. Thanks, Wendy

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