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Re: [IP] Sugar in Urine

I'm afraid I don't know much about sugar in the urine or renal thresholds since
our doc has never told us that is something we needed to watch for!  BUT, I DO
know about ketones!  The part in your letter where you said your Ketodiastix
were showing that you have ketones worries me!  Here is the definitions of
Ketones that I found online:

"Acids that the body makes when there is too little insulin in the blood,
causing the
body to break down fat for its energy. Ketone bodies can poison and even kill
body cells. When the body does not have the
help of insulin, ketones build up in the blood and then "spill" over into the
urine so that the body can get rid of them. The body
can also rid itself of one type of ketone called acetone through the lungs. When
this happens, the patient's breath has a fruity
odor. Ketones that build up in the body may lead to serious illness and coma."

Ketones are very serious and I've heard some very scarey stories over the last 2
1/2 years of what Ketones can do, the worst being of when they killed a young
child who the parents didn't even know she was diabetic and she was feeling fine
the day before!  Scarey stuff!  Check out Children With Diabetes' Ask the
diabetes team section!  They have a question and answer section about
Hyperglycemia and DKA at  http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/dteam/d_0d_0la.htm

Be sure to let your diabetes team know you have ketones!  They need to be taken
care of immediately!  and if they don't take them seriously, find another team!
And remember... ketones are DIFFERENT than sugar in the urine!!!

Hope that helps!


Wendy Anderson wrote:

> I just have a quick question......What is everyone's experience with sugar
> in your urine. I know for myself, in all my 10 years of having diabetes, I
> have always, everytime showed positive when checking my urine. Sometimes
> it's +1, +2 etc. There has never NOT been any. The last time I mentioned
> this to my Endo he said don't test it anymore. However the strips I use for
> ketones also have glucose on them. They are ketodiastix. What kind of damage
> can this do? I understand that everyone has their own 'threshold' at which
> point they will spill over, but come on.....Doesn't this take it's toll
> eventually? Does anyone else test their urine? I began  testing when I was
> first pregnant 10 years ago. I am very curious. Wendy
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