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Re: [IP] RE: Pump and overeating?

Bonnie, Buddy & the other 700 + pumpers:
     As for the weight gain, the paradoxical side of this issue is that one of
the goals of pumping is to be able to live a more "normal" life - i.e. to live
like us non-diabetics do, including having to worry about weight gain from too
many calories!!! All things considered, I think that for Melissa that "freedom
of choice" capability outweighs ( bad choice of words here!!) the stringent,
restrictive meal plan that may have kept her weight down, but also kept her
spirits down!!....For a teenaged girl whose friends are always talking about
dieting & how "fat" they are (NOT), being ABLE to "just" eat a salad or skip
breakfast is tantamount to being "normal". Following a structured, predictable
meal plan was NOT!!!

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