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Re: [IP] Sugar in Urine

Wendy Anderson wrote:
> I just have a quick question......

OK, since I'm the Quick around here <Grin>, seems I'd better answer.

What is everyone's experience with sugar
> in your urine. 

Formerly frequent, not nearly so much anymore... Pump sure changed it.

I know for myself, in all my 10 years of having diabetes, I
> have always, everytime showed positive when checking my urine. Sometimes
> it's +1, +2 etc. There has never NOT been any. The last time I mentioned
> this to my Endo he said don't test it anymore. However the strips I use for
> ketones also have glucose on them. They are ketodiastix. What kind of damage
> can this do? 

You apparently have a very low renal threshold, purely a matter of how your 
body works a bit differently than others.

I understand that everyone has their own 'threshold' at which
> point they will spill over, but come on.....Doesn't this take it's toll
> eventually? Does anyone else test their urine? I began  testing when I was
> first pregnant 10 years ago. I am very curious. Wendy

There's 2 sides to the issue. Most lonfg term diabetics find their renal
threshold increasing over the years, which also is the effect of wearing 
out the kidneys to some extent by overwork. If you are dumping glucose 
fairly consistently while bg tests are good it is good, since the 
kidneys are continuing to do their job, which DOESN'T reflect that they
are damaged. High bgs are what damage them, and many other things, after
all. SO, as long as it helps to keep the bg lower than it would others 
in the same situation, and the urine tests stays in the low ranges
you're likely doing as well as possible with it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

P. S. Trust the levity I started with doesn't bother anybody, I haven't had my
morning coffee yet........
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