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[IP] the persuasiveness of a cookie

>We had our pump group mtg yesterday afternoon and the MediSense people
>came to try to sell us on their software.  They also brought snacks
>(That's how they get the doctors' attention here.)  Snacks included big
>fat chunky cookies, fruit and diet soda.  There were four potential
>pumpers at the meeting.  Dr. Ed (who also belongs in saint category)
>said "Dig in!"  So we grabbed up those cookies so fast.  The non-pumpers
>picked up a little piece of fruit, and watched with envy as we got gooey
>with melted chocolate chips.  The woman sitting next to me asked "Can
>you really eat that stuff and keep control?"  I reassured that it was
>perfectly possible and that' why most of us wouldn't give up our pumps.
>She was incredulous.Vicki

This also relates to the other thread about weight gain after starting the
pump. I found that after 20 years of saying no, the ability to say yes tore
down some major psychological barriers. My weight has gone up by at least
10-12 pounds since starting the pump. Yes, the cause is eating... but the
pump helps to facilitate those "gooey with melted chocolate chips"
indulgences. I now wonder if going off the old diet restrictions is really
a good idea or not. I think I need to climb back on the wagon again...

Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, can you get it back in??

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