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Re: [IP] Sugar in Urine

Wendy Anderson wrote:
> Doesn't this  (sugar in the urine) take it's toll
> eventually?

According to my endo, it's the sugar in the blood that damages the
kidneys and causes other complications, not the sugar in the urine.

The reason is that there are some people who have a condition called
renal glycosuria, which is NOT DM-related -- they have normal BG levels,
but nevertheless spill sugar -- and they don't develop renal disease or
any other complications usually associated with DM.

It may be that you have a very low renal threshhold -- in which case,
you will spill sugar often, but it won't be a predictor of complications
in your case. Your BGs and your A1c will be far better predictors.  

Good luck!

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