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[IP] Sugar in Urine

I just have a quick question......What is everyone's experience with sugar
in your urine. I know for myself, in all my 10 years of having diabetes, I
have always, everytime showed positive when checking my urine. Sometimes
it's +1, +2 etc. There has never NOT been any. The last time I mentioned
this to my Endo he said don't test it anymore. However the strips I use for
ketones also have glucose on them. They are ketodiastix. What kind of damage
can this do? I understand that everyone has their own 'threshold' at which
point they will spill over, but come on.....Doesn't this take it's toll
eventually? Does anyone else test their urine? I began  testing when I was
first pregnant 10 years ago. I am very curious. Wendy

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