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[IP] RE:RE:Michael's DCCT Stats

Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Michael's DCCT stats ...
>  Someday it would really be nice
> to know that stress will not send blood sugars soaring or
> plummeting, shoveling snow need not be compensated with food you
> don't feel like eating, and complications don't happen
Consider this option. Work at control until it gets 'boring' then it
won't stress you out. I'm not kidding.
email @ redacted
Michael, you forget -- it's been 27.75 years.  As long as it's a numbers
game tho, it's rarely boring.  That's especially true when there's the
gastroparesis making weeks occasionally look like I used a random number
generator to get the numbers.  That has happened less since I came to terms
with allowing myself to react more instinctively and quit expecting the
trends to foretell as they had in the past.

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