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[IP] Insulin and Weight Gain

Whether or not one gains weight after going on the pump is surely an
individual matter. 

When I first went on insulin I LOST weight.

 The reason was that I have a VERY high kidney threshhold, and so,
before insulin, the glucose would just sit around in my blood, staying
high for hours while my pancreas slowly secreted enough insulin to bring
them down. But, since the food wasn't getting into my cells, I was
ravenously hungry, and eating practically all the time. Thus when the
food finally DID get processed, much of it went into fat.  

Then, when I went on insulin, I stopped being so hungry, because the
fuel was getting into the cells at an appropriate time. The ravenous
hunger went away, and I stopped eating so much, and voila, 25 lb. weight
loss without trying at all. 

I'm betting that when I get the pump, I will probably maintain my
weight, or even lose a little more, because the pump will be more
physiological than shots, and I will be able to fine-tune better.

YMMV, yes?? 

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