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[IP] pasta

Frank and Karyn etc. were talking about weight of pasta:

> I weight pasta begore I cook it.  

this is important to do...1 oz of dry pasta is always gonna be 1 oz of dry
pasta, but if you cook it too long, it will absorb more water and have more
weight and more volume, even though it is just water...so if the box says 1 oz
= x grams... you know how much CHO you are getting if you weigh it before you
cook it..

this gets confusing when you look at the exchange diet and it  says 1/2 cup
pasta = approx 15 grams of CHO...you have to know if this if this is 1/2 cup
of pasta that has been cooked al dente,  or the kind I make - you know, the
kind where the phone rang and you forgot you were boiling water on the stove
and 1 oz of uncooked pasta absorbs the entire 4 cups of water ....I do this on
purpose sometime...it takes up more room on my plate and in my tummy, so it
me that I am getting more food than I really am...


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