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Re: [IP] Weight Gain on Pumping

I agree with your disagree :-)   I've found that for me since being on the
pump there is a terrific correlation between the amount of insulin I take
and my weight.  If I need need more insulin for a few days, my weight
starts creeping up, and vice-versa.  For whatever reason this means that
the weight gain is better correlated with the amount of CHO I eat rather
than the amount of fat.   It seems that I can eat lots of fatty things, but
unless I accompany that with CHO my weight is not affected.  And with a
roughtly constant total insulin per day, my weight stays rock stable.  Of
course YMMV but I wonder if anyone else has noticed this relation.

<<<<<From: email @ redacted
I totally disagree that the pump CAUSES one to gain weight.   Overeating is
what causes you to gain weight.  The only reason it is easier to keep weight
off when your BG's are high is b/c the excess is spilling into your urine.  I
lost a lot of weight on the pump that was impossible for me to lose when I
wasn't on the pump because my BG's were all over the place.  Now I can
exercise to my heart's content and not have to worry about treating a bunch of
lows.  As long as you don't use the pump as an excuse to overeat you don't
have to gain weight.>>>>>>>>

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