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[IP] Weight Gain on Pumping

It is possible to gain weight, but in a way this is a good thing. Good to
gain?  Well let me see if I can explain this the best that I can.  For I
just have gained 14 pounds in the last 2 months of being on the pump.  See,
when you are not in control prior to going on the pump, and you are having
many highs. Those highs are just causing your system to flush out
everything, including the food ( this part is bad)  But when your blood
sugars are more stable, then they are able to retain more of the nutrients (
this is a good thing)  But this also means that you are retaining more of
what you eat over all.  If you are in good control already, then this might
not be a factor for you.  One thing DON'T let the fear of weight gain make
you not want to try to use the pump.  You can have weight gain even with
injections.  But if you already eat regularly, and exercise such as was
mentioned, then I wouldn't worry about it.  My problem is that I don't
exercise properly.  I didn't feel like it when I first started the pump, but
I'm doing much better now

Christene Ullom
"Sell crazy someplace else - we're all stocked up here" - Jack Nicholson
from "As Good As It Gets"

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