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[IP] are we normal??

THANKS SARA for your great postings!

I also think that this is not a competition to see who has the best A1c's.  Each person is different, and although the "normal" ranges listed on my clinic's results sheet are "4.8-5.7", my doctor was always pleased with 7.6 (which is what they consistantly came out at pre-pump).  I think each person has to determine a "normal" or "healthy" range for him- or herself.

Also, I wanted to share a story about being refered to as "a diabetic".  My father (a saint!!) always corrected people to tell them that I "had diabetes", to him (and to me) there was a big difference between being labeled "a diabetic" which implies that this is the biggest part of who I am, and "having diabetes" which implies that it is only one part of me.  I was really thankful to him for that, even though I didn't understand the difference at the age of 8.

Just My 2 cents!  

Lisa (Who just lost 5 pounds after 4 weeks on the pump!  Wow!!! How did that happen?!!!)

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