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Re: [IP] pump insulin questions

>      good day all,
>      i have two questions about the pump:
>      1. when you are sick, do you need to adjust the rates at all? 
>      (fyi: my daughter is diabetic, and just turning 6.)
Yes, but which way depends on the illness. My daughter's basals tend 
to go up 10-20% when she is sick and runs a fever. However, they 
sometimes become flatter i.e. difference between night and day basals 
become less pronounced, probably from the lying around.

>      2. our insulin (both the lispro and N) will go bad if not
>      continuously refrigerated - does your insulin in the pump go
>      bad quickly?  i know you change it out every three or so days,
>      but especially for children, effectiveness of the insulin is
>      very important since the total amount given is relatively small
>      as compared to adults...
Never had a problem
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