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Re: [IP] carb counting

> Thanks for all the advice.  I realized afterwards that I should have
> specified the portions sizes I mentioned  (5oz or 150g)  are for
> cooked pasta.  It's much easier for me to measure it after it's been
> cooked.    

That's the point. The package only shows measurements for 
dry-uncooked pasta. The volume and weight both vary considerably 
after cooking so the values given in various tables and books are 
sometimes way off and depend on how long the material is cooked (how 
soggy vs. al dente), big noodles vs. small, etc... Calculating total 
carbs for the amount cooked and measuring fractional volume per 
serving is a reliable method to get a good carb value for a serving 
of pasta. Even that method can be inconsistent when the carb content 
of a given foodstuff differs significantly from what is stated on the 
package although it is pretty consistent for pasta. This sort of 
thing is even more difficult for other grains like rice and hot 

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