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[IP] the persuasiveness of a cookie

We had our pump group mtg yesterday afternoon and the MediSense people
came to try to sell us on their software.  They also brought snacks
(That's how they get the doctors' attention here.)  Snacks included big
fat chunky cookies, fruit and diet soda.  There were four potential
pumpers at the meeting.  Dr. Ed (who also belongs in saint category)
said "Dig in!"  So we grabbed up those cookies so fast.  The non-pumpers
picked up a little piece of fruit, and watched with envy as we got gooey
with melted chocolate chips.  The woman sitting next to me asked "Can
you really eat that stuff and keep control?"  I reassured that it was
perfectly possible and that' why most of us wouldn't give up our pumps.
She was incredulous.

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