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Re: [IP] Hello


Two comments.  After riding the bike for 45 minutes my t-shirt and shorts
are soaked due to how much I sweat.  I use the Tender and it sticks and
keeps on sticking.  I've only been pumping for a month but I have had zero
problems with it sticking regardless of how much I sweat.  I also use
Disetronics IV Prep wipes.  One time I didn't use it and the Tender still
stayed attached through my exercise and sweating.  Two, I seem to have the
same problems your husband has in the morning with high blood sugars.  I am
finally getting my morning blood sugars lower than 200, which is great.
Prior to the pump and even the first couple of weeks on the Pump I would
wake up with bs's in the high 200's low 300's or wake up with a bs in the
150-180 range and regardless of what I ate would end up with a high an hour
or two later.  Basically through small basel increments, my morning basel
rates are much higher than during the day.  In addition, I double my insulin
breakfast bolus.  From 08:00 am to Midnight my basel is .7.  From 01:00 to
4:00 my basel is 1.0.  From 4:00 to 6:00 my basel is 1.2.  From 6:00 to 8:00
it's 1.0.  Anyway, I am still adjusting.  I make small changes every three
to four days.  For me this is the safest way.  I hope this helps.


larryelainerodgers wrote:

> Hi, group! My name is Elaine...my husband just joined the group, but now
> is having second thoughts, since he feels he is computer illiterat..
> I have some questions for you all, though..
>   Larry has been on the midi-med 307C pump for 2 weeks..at first he was
> having trouble with bent needles at the injection site, but we now have
> that figured out..now he has gone through 12..yes..12 softsets in 2
> weeks...part of those are from bent needles, but he has had to change
> his pump site at least every 1 1/2 days because he suddenly gets a NO
> DELIVERY on his pump...any ideas??? It seems great the first day or so,
> but then that happens..we have just been completely changing the site
> and soft set, but I have read where many people go over 3 days..how do
> you do it??????
>   Also Larry works out REALLY hard and sweats buckets..this always
> loosens the tape and then the set..he is using the new tape medi-mail
> sent..Is there something better we can do?
>   He is still also experiencing some 300+ mornings...this is usually on
> the way to work, NOT when he first gets up..His diabetologist is still
> trying to figure it out...
>   He had really good control on shots, and we were hoping for better
> results with the pump, but it had been very frustrating for both of us!
> How long did it take for you to get all the kinks worked out and before
> you felt completely comfortable with your pump?
>   Thanks for any info. or insight you can give us!
> Elaine
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