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Re: [IP] Re: Poor man's pump, reply to Dianne

On 18 Nov 98 at 18:30, email @ redacted wrote:

> <<  What I've seen people do is "relax" 
>  their control on MDI to a point where it is "managable"... and end up with
>  average bg values around 200...   and the really sad thing is that there are
>  doctors and nurses around who actually encourage it.
>   >>
> Who are they, Randall? Lemme at 'em!!!!
> Barbara B.

Several of the older doctors in our community routinely tell their patients 
things like "you're going to get the complications anyway so why bother..." or 
otherwise dis-encourage any tightening of control.  Then there are a few on the 
other end - who scream at their patients whenever they are outside of the 
target range... There is a small handful who are rational - who encourage 
a policy of keep the control as good as possible without worrying about 
infrequent excursions.  

The CDE at the hospital is working to encourage the "good guys" and educate the 
others.  The problem is that some of them are so far gone that they still don't 
quite get the fact that human insulin is available....

Randall P. Winchester
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