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Re: [IP] Hello

Hi Elaine, 
Welcome.  You will get lot of answers and responses.  I just wanted to say it takes a while.  1) call MM rep for samples of different infusion sets - softsets may be better because you get a fast inserter that is painless.  Also, Silhouettes are also great and I swear by them.   Be sure you are rotating your syringe several times around prior to filling with insulin.       Try all the suggestions you will hear from here - Tell Larry to hang in there...it will be worth the trial and error.  Lots of good people on this list who can give support to you both. 
>>> larryelainerodgers <email @ redacted> 11/18 8:20 PM >>>
Hi, group! My name is Elaine...my husband just joined the group, but now
is having second thoughts, since he feels he is computer illiterat..
I have some questions for you all, though..
  Larry has been on the midi-med 307C pump for 2 weeks..at first he was
having trouble with bent needles at the injection site, but we now have
that figured out..now he has gone through 12..yes..12 softsets in 2
weeks...part of those are from bent needles, but he has had to change
his pump site at least every 1 1/2 days because he suddenly gets a NO
DELIVERY on his pump...any ideas??? It seems great the first day or so,
but then that happens..we have just been completely changing the site
and soft set, but I have read where many people go over 3 days..how do
you do it??????
  Also Larry works out REALLY hard and sweats buckets..this always
loosens the tape and then the set..he is using the new tape medi-mail
sent..Is there something better we can do?
  He is still also experiencing some 300+ mornings...this is usually on
the way to work, NOT when he first gets up..His diabetologist is still
trying to figure it out...
  He had really good control on shots, and we were hoping for better
results with the pump, but it had been very frustrating for both of us!
How long did it take for you to get all the kinks worked out and before
you felt completely comfortable with your pump?
  Thanks for any info. or insight you can give us!
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/