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Every one is different, Jonelle.   I need my bg about 200 to do a good workout which may be 30 min at 3.3 mph on treadmill.  Even then I still have to watch it to keep from going to low.  And I lose weight when I am diligent about it.  My endo once said that a weight gain of about ten pounds when started on the pump is not a concern, the overall bgs are much better and the weight does come back off.  Also, many people are eating foods they haven't been able to eat in years, so an adjustment period may be happening.   This is definately a case of everyone's mileage may vary! 

>>> <email @ redacted> 11/18 6:26 PM >>>
Weight gain on pump

I am a type I diabetic, age 31, and have been taking insulin for 11 years.
I am about to start on the MiniMed pump and am concerned that this may
cause weight gain.  I currently exercise 3-4 days/week and am in fairly
good shape.  It's difficult right now to exercise because I have a major
sugar low following exercise unless I'm at 200 or higher when I begin
exercising.  I just read an email from another pump user who said he/she
gained 20 lbs. after starting on the pump.  Has anyone else experienced
weight gain once switching from traditional shots to the pump?  And, is
exercising easier on a pump?

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