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Re: [IP] IV 3000 tape/Sofset problem

> I recently started on a new box of SofSets, along with the new tape it is
> shipped with.  I have found that on the last 2 sites, after 2-3 days, the
> hole in the IV 3000 tape stretches to the point that the cannula comes out
> and the entire housing can fall out.  I usually go 6+ days on one site, so
> this is aggravating and annoying, since I am having to watch the sites so
> closely, as I found out the hard way that this was happening.
> Has anyone else noticed this and if so, what do you do?   I guess I could
> just add another layer of Tegaderm on top, but my thrift genes are coming
> through and I find that too much tape causes other problems.


The "new style" SofSets were shipped by my (German) supplier about 3
months ago. I found the old-style tape played hell with my skin, but it
NEVER fell off. The new-style IV3000 tape is very good to the skin but,
like you, I find it often stretches and allows the SofSet to fall out.
The life of an infusion set was now being limited by the tape rather
than the skin rejecting the infusion cannula.

This caused me to take a second look at the Silhouette/Tender/Comfort.
I'm a convert! They never fall off (well, hardly ever), the tape (which
is all part of the unit) doesn't mess the skin, and since the plastic
connector isn't directly over the insertion point in the skin, pressure
on the infusion set doesn't cause any discomfort.

The only downside for me is that there is no insertion gun. That's
getting less of a problem. After some initial trauma, I find I'm quite
at ease doing it now. And everything's so much smaller than the SofSets!

Incidently, I find that about 1 in 5 times, the manual insertion hurts.
I feel it as soon as the needle penetrates the very surface of the skin.
If the pain is bad, I simply move 1cm away, and try again. Invariably
the pain is less at the new site.

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