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[IP] Re: Michael's DCCT stats ...

Thanks for taking all of the time to reply Michael.  It's a subject that I'm
probably over sensative to -- I'd always been one of those "good diabetics"
(as though some aren't), had never had huge problems, and was repeatedly
assured that complications wouldn't happen if I continued to follow the
rules.  Unfortunately, I didn't know the stats well enough, believed the
docs, and was hit very hard.

I still play by those same rules (exercise, carb counting, and logging the
data) though, and numbers continue to be very important to me -- maybe it's
just the engineer's personality.  I also feel horrible when I'm high --
physically, and after I test, mentally as well.  I've gotten better at
accepting some highs since the gastro problems have become significant, but
not much.  I have also gotten a little better at trusting my instincts along
with the numbers.  There may be patterns that I am actually responding to
instinctively, but I can't quantify the data (even at 9 - 12 tests/day) and
allowing myself the latitude to act without fully developed reasoning has
been tough.  My last A1c was finally back to a more normal level for me @

I'm very glad that the pump is an option for me.  I think that it can be a
similarly great option for many more than are pumping now, I only hesitate
when it seems that people believe that it will "fix everything".  I still
have days (last Tuesday) where I range from 18 to 40 over the majority of
the day, eat 6 glucose tabs to get above 80 to drive to and from work, and
have my pump set at 0.2 for a basal.  I'd expect to rebound at least once,
but I didn't last week.  Like many others have stated, we have to continue
to be strong advocates for research for a cure.  Someday it would really be
nice to know that stress will not send blood sugars soaring or plummeting,
shoveling snow need not be compensated with food you don't feel like eating,
and complications don't happen -- EVER.
Take care,

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