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[IP] heather/diane

first of all, is this Heather or Diane??

secondly, I for one, was not angry or upset, but truly glad for the
question...it really opened up an interesting debate...some people just don't
like to discuss opinions other than their own (cuz they are "wrong" or
something) for example you can't have a conversation about abortion rights
without it getting into a huge fandango fight!  go figger...if i am right -
and you dont agree with mye, then you must be WRONG!!!  

anyway...I also wouldn't want to bring a kid into the world if i was having
hte problems youa re having - congrats on beating the odds and living to
27...now i think you need to stop worrying that you are gonna die, and start
worrying that you are gonna live, and make some positive changes for yourself
_ NOT THAT I SHOULD TALK, cuz lordy knows I am not always positive about my
future...but hopefully your endo can get you on an antidepressant - I LOVE MY
PROZAC!!!  I only take it in the winter cuz i have the seasonal depression,
but boy, I tell ya WHAT a difference it makes, in ALL areas of my life,
diabetes being MERELY one 

I say, go on the disability if you can and focus on getting your life in your
control rather than in nature's control...spend the days working out,
sleeping, writing, playing with your basals, then doing more writing - if you
can collect diability payments at the same time - go for it...hopefully your
insurance will be continued...

> I love children and God willing if I ever get well enough to have a husband 
> and family I will be able to adopt. 

it is not the diabetes stopping you from the husband and family - YOU are
letting the diabetes interfere...be in control of that and the other things
will be able to take more importance to you...how could anyone think about
finding a man when their sugars are swinging from 47 to 470 on a daily
basis...heck all I can think about is where is my bottle of dex tabs and why
isnt this damn insulin owrking!!

> and I certainly won't throw the baby out with the water 

WE KNOW.... {{{{{{{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}

> I am a pediatric recovery room and ICU nurse and have been 
> honored at my hospital for my outstanding nursing care. 

you would probably be a great mom, and I bet you would be an even better nurse
(if possible) if you didn thave to worry about depression suicide and this
darn rope around your neck.

We are here for ya./..but you gotta be THERE for you FIRST of all!!!  Get some
anti-depressants, workout, eat right...see if that doesnt help with
alleviating some of the problems...then worry about the diabetes!

Love, Sara
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