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[IP] hypo migraines

Sherri wrote:

> I am the mother of a diabetic and have hypoglycemia 
> Also interesting that during this past year of her diagnosis which 
> HAS BEEN THE MOST STRESSFUL year of my life  -  I have had NO 
> migraines.  

Sherri - maybe you have been so stressed and instead of dropping your blood
sugars, it has raised them..do you ever check your blood sugars just out of
curiousity?  might be interesting to compare yours to your daughters...when
she is high or excessively low - and youa re feeling stressed, how does that
affect your sugars??

also - you think this is stressful...wait til she reaches puberty - bwahahaha
- she will become hell on roller skates...and then she gets a drivers license
- ohhh and then she will want to date - LOOK OUT STRESS HORMONES - better buy
stock in tylenol now and beat the rush!

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