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[IP] NY pumpers

Welcome Fred!

Yay - more New Yorkers!!!!  I live in Manhattan...who do you see for endo?  I
see Drexler and for eyes I see Fisher - and like them both.

> Before the pump, my hba1c's were about 6.5, now they are 
> about 5.5.  

good job

> My only complaint is weight gain (I put on about 20 lbs). 

are you still logging what you eat and how much insulin you take - i got lazy
after the first year and just rounded UP...instead of 3.2 units I would take
3.5 - so i was overinsulinating and having more lows to chase...and gained
weight...USUALLY when I start logging carefully and write down what i eat and
figure the proper bolus, I lose weight...but as they say YMMV

Hey Stu - when is our next pump group meeting since Brad never keeps me
posted...8-( (WHINE)  i enjoyed the one last week - especially the free

Jeff:  how are you and the wife doing???  lunch??

dxed age 10, pumping since 2/93 
*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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