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[IP] Reusing reservoirs

Diane wrote:

> Do you do anything to keep the needles for the reservoirs 
> sterile between uses?  


> how do you store the needles?  

put the cap on and stick it in my "supply drawer" which is under an open
window through which comes all sorts of NYC grit and grime...

> wasnt sure that I wasn't contaminating Lauren's site somehow if I 
> used it a second time.

PERSONALLY, i don't think you will unless you are really unsanitary, but you
didnt hear that from me...remember when Jerry Seinfeld threw his shoelaces
away cuz they touched the street...it really is that gross here...maybe I am
just tempting fate by not being more careful in my cleansings...my fingers
come in contact with all kinds of stuff...i TRY not to put my hands on the
bannisters as I exit the subway...but some times i do... and then I am loathe
to clean it off by sucking on it...so I just tet it dirty...yuck...I need to

who shold be at the gym but just feels the need to write right now...maybe cuz
my eye is bleeding again and it is such FUN to squint at the screen and make
my forehead dent bigger.
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