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[IP] are we normal??

just a topic i have been discussing with our german resident John which I
thought might be of general interest.  We were talking about lab ranges for
A1C. Mine was 7.2. JOhn kindly pointed out the proper terminolgy for this

>  That's truly fantastic then. If your docs/labs reference range (the
>  technical name for "normal")  is 4.x-6.9 and you are 7.2, you've hit
>  perfect. 

I am NOT ABnormal...(merely defective...remember THAT thread from several
months ago?).  I keep being politically uncorrect with myself...I read
something in Diabetic Interview about how this woman did not want to be
referred to as "A" diabetic...she, and I, prefer "I am diabetic" or "I have
diabetes"...we don't call Delaine "AN athletic"...we merely say "she is
athletic"...what part of speech is this?  Is it an adjective to say it this
way - modifying the noun "I" and "they"?  If you say "i am A diabetic," then
does the "diabetic" become a noun...doesn't the "ic" make it an adjective so
technically you should not have the "a/an" in front of it?  "she is
asthmatic," "he is paraplegic," etc.  

And as for John's remark about being perfect - mah ole pappy has a sign on his
wall that says something to the effect that "the pursuit of excellence is a
noble and worthwhile endeavour; but the pursuit of excellence is a ridiculous
waste of time."  I completely agree and certainly think it applies to
John wrote:
>  There's a lot of people on the IP list who get envious that others have
>  "better" HbA1c's, but in fact it's just that different labs use
>  different methods, with different normal ranges....

This is true, but remember, it isnt supposed to be a competition anyway!!!!
you do what is best for you - what is best for me may be different...I don't
want my blood sugars between 80 and 120.  Because of the problems I have with
retinopathy my "target range" is 100-150,"  so naturally my A1C is gonna be
slightly higher...once you get rid of all the highs and lows...

so that is my rambling for now - just thought IP could use a little editorial 

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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