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Re: [IP] NOT encouraging research news :-(

In a message dated 98-11-18 10:28:34 EST, you write:

<< There is also studies taking place to look at the role of the c-peptides.
 Or shall I say the lack of c-peptides in type1s.  (Do type 2's still have
 c-peptides?)   Seems there is some thought that c-peptides are necessary to
 stop or slow down the complications of diabetes.   >>
So far, we know that if C-peptides are present, then you are able to make
insulin. A test for the existance of C-peptide can help determine if an
individual is Type 1 or Type 2. There will be no C-peptide if and individual
is not making insulin. This sort of precludes anyone who is in the early
phases of the onset of Type 1 when there are still some cells makin insulin,
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