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RE: [IP] Tenders - loose adhesive anyone???

Sherri....could you possibly have gotten a bad batch of Tenders?  I use them
and have never experienced a problem.  In fact...I have to yank like the
dickens to get them off....almost removing skin and all <G>. 
Carol Wilson
Type 1 - 21+ years
Pumping since 9/22/98

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> Subject:	[IP] Tenders - loose adhesive anyone???
> Hello!
> Is anyone having a problem with the adhesive on the Tenders?  I talked to
> Disetronic and they say it must be due to Laura being a very active child.
> I
> don't think this is the case.  She is not particularly active and in less
> than
> 24 hours of inserting the infusion sets now they are coming out.
> Currently we wipe the area with an IV3000 antiseptic wipe, let it dry and
> then
> insert infusion set.    
> Any suggestions besides putting Tagaderm on top?  Are we doing anything
> wrong?
> This was not a problem the first 2 weeks and now it seems to be getting
> worse.
> We are also not using lotion on the abdomen.  
> I am going broke inserting infusion sets all the time - any suggestions
> welcome and appreciated!
> Thanks - Sherri
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