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[IP] Tenders - loose adhesive anyone???


Is anyone having a problem with the adhesive on the Tenders?  I talked to
Disetronic and they say it must be due to Laura being a very active child.  I
don't think this is the case.  She is not particularly active and in less than
24 hours of inserting the infusion sets now they are coming out.

Currently we wipe the area with an IV3000 antiseptic wipe, let it dry and then
insert infusion set.    

Any suggestions besides putting Tagaderm on top?  Are we doing anything wrong?
This was not a problem the first 2 weeks and now it seems to be getting worse.
We are also not using lotion on the abdomen.  

I am going broke inserting infusion sets all the time - any suggestions
welcome and appreciated!

Thanks - Sherri
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