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Re: [IP] insulin pumping web ring

> The Insulin Pump webring is owned and run by John Neale, an IP
> member.  We have several IP members on board.  I think John has
> spoken to Michael about it, when we got started last spring, but I
> will leave it to John to fill in any details since I only vaguely
> remember the conversation.  I know John has mentioned the webring on
> IP a couple of times.
> It is very useful, since once a person finds one site, s/he can go
> to others without long searches.  I have an IP link on my page and I
> know I get lots of feedback from people who have found my pages via
> IP member links and then gone on through the webring sites and vice
> versa.  The more information we have out there about pumps, the
> better.

I filled out John's form for the web ring, I guess I either didn't do 
it right the ring software didn't stuff the right fields.
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/